Sunday, 14 December 2014

Countdown to lift-off

 My packing so far consists of footwear like this, a few linen tops and items of boho beachwear.

Having just had lunch with Richard, Renny and Chris I have been laughed out of Hebden Bridge for saying I was taking my Samsonite wheelie case and a handbag and forcibly taken to the Rohan shop for tops that dry on palm trees and shoes fit for swamp - wading.

They have pointed out that I may be trekking through jungles with leeches and that there's no getting away from needing items never before possessed i.e.sensible shoes and a rucksack. The very words enough to give me palpitations, I couldn't get out of the shop quick enough with the need for retail therapy of a different kind.

Just a week to go and can't help wonder about me and flashpacking and how we're going to fare.